Student Loan Attorney

Student loan debt is a growing problem for many of today's college graduates. The average student walks away from a four-year degree with almost $30,000 in student debt.

Student Loan Attorney

Student Loan Attorney

Not only can a high debt load make it hard for graduates to make ends-meet, but it can also make it harder to obtain credit cards, car loans or mortgages. Defaulting on student loans can result in wage garnishment, income tax refund offset and withholding of federal benefits.

How can a Student Loan Attorney help?

If you're receiving threatening letters or phone calls, you can no longer make your payments, or you simply want to lessen the burden of payments that are too high, it's important to contact us immediately. With so many ways to reduce student loan payments, talking to a Student Loan Attorney who can interpret state & federal laws concerning student loan debt and understands how to protect your assets is imperative.

A Student Loan Attorney can help in a number of ways

  • Lower Student Loan Payments with an Income Based Repayment Program
  • Defer or Forebear Student Loan Payments
  • Learn about Loan Forgiveness Plans
  • Stop harassing phone calls from student loan debt collectors
  • Avoid wage garnishment and bank account freezes
  • Defend against student loan lawsuits
  • Get out of default
  • Lower monthly payments
  • Keep your tax refund

Consumer Litigation Law Center's Student Loan Attorneys understand all your legal options and will do a full analysis of your situation to find the best solution for you. CLLC's Attorneys are experts at negotiating with student loan lenders and will help resolve your student loan debt problems.

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