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Consumer Litigation Law Center is a Southern California Law Firm Specializing in Stopping Foreclosure on Your Home, Trust & Estate Planning, and Student Loan Forgiveness and Reduction

Stop Foreclosure

Our foreclosure attorneys can help stop foreclosure on your home whether it's in pre-foreclosure, foreclosure or in many cases post-foreclosure. Don't delay. Call and speak to one of our expert and compassionate foreclosure defense attorneys today. Stop the foreclosure and save your home now.

Student Loan Debt

Whether you're looking for student loan debt foregiveness or a student loan debt reduction program, we can help you with your student loan debt. Call now to discuss how we can help lighten the burden of your student loan debt.

Trust & Estate Planning

Planning and preparing for your family's financial success is one of the most important decisions you can make. Our firm specializes and has extensive experience creating and preparing a Trust and Estate plan to protect your family and your assets. Creating an estate plan will provide your family and heirs a crucial benefit, avoiding the time and expense of going through probate. Your unique financial situation demands the very best Trust & Estates Attorney who understands the intricacies of Estate planning & Trust law.

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