Are You Being Harassed or Threatened by a Creditor? Stop Collection Calls Immediately


Stop Collection Calls

CALIFORNIA FDCPA ROSENTHAL FAIR DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICES ACT protects your interests as the Debtor under Civil Code § 1788, et seq.

Creditors illegally harass and threaten debtors every day. If you are experiencing the following:

  • Calls made by creditors before 8:00 AM and/or after 9:00 PM
  • Calls made by creditors to your workplace
  • Creditors disclosing your debt and personal information to others
  • Creditors calling multiple times a day
  • Creditors threatening to file a lawsuit against you or garnish your wages

These types of threats are a violation of the FDCPA and must STOP!

Types of Debt Collectors can include:

  1. - Credit Card Debt
  2. - Medical Debt
  3. - Student Loan Debt
  4. - Personal Loan Debt
  5. - Auto Loan Debt
  6. - Mortgage Loan Debt
  7. - Private Loan Debt

The Attorneys at Consumer Litigation Law Center will fight hard to keep creditors from harassing or threatening you. Do not live in fear from a creditor. Let the Attorneys at Consumer Litigation Law Center protect your rights and cease illegal collection calls.

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