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Consumer Litigation Law Center is a southern California law firm committed to consumers who need help with litigation or transactional real estate needs.

Stop Foreclosure

Our Real Estate Foreclosure Attorneys can help stop foreclosure on your home whether it's in pre-foreclosure, foreclosure or in many cases post-foreclosure. Don't delay. Call and speak to one of our expert and compassionate foreclosure defense attorneys today. Stop the foreclosure and save your home now.

Real Estate Litigation & Transactions

Our Real Estate Litigation and Transactional Attorneys can help with all aspects of Real Property Law, including real property disputes, partition actions, boundary disputes, quiet title, unlawful detainers, real property purchase agreements, promissory notes and deeds, and other contractual obligations related to real property.

Consumer Litigation Law Center "CLLC" 130 Chaparral, Suite 140-A, Anaheim, CA 92808


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